Enjoy, Achieve and Succeed

We want the best of futures for our pupils, we want them to find out about, be inspired by and enjoy the world they live in. We want them to have the confidence to recognise and grasp opportunities that they are given.

Our Aims

Our vision is supported through our aims, which are:

  • To strive to do our very best every day
  • To encourage and help each other to stay safe and keep healthy
  • To help each other succeed and build our futures
  • To enjoy and celebrate our own and others achievements
  • To make a positive contribution to our own learning and community

Core Values

As a Trust we have 4 core values:

  • Proud to be me
  • Enjoy learning
  • Achieve Success
  • Respect for the world

These are embedded throughout the curriculum and form the foundation of the education of our pupils. Through these values, our aim is to develop well-rounded individuals who will have the skills and aptitude to become successful members of British society and the world-wide community.

They can be seen in the daily life of our schools:

  • Celebration of success in assemblies
  • Work showcased around the school
  • Learning which stimulates children’s interests and is clearly enjoyable
  • Short term targets are set which mean children understand the steps they need to make to progress in their learning
  • A curriculum which draws on the richness of society and encourages respect for all and for the environment