The Black Pear Trust Catering cooks meals on site so that all children get the opportunity of freshly prepared food. We are passionate about great tasting food and offer a broad range of choices; food that is not only nutritious but keeps pupils coming back for more.

Healthy food and a good nutritional balance is vital to everyone. For us producing fresh, wholesome food is critical. It is also important for children to understand where and how the food is grown and the benefits of having British and locally sourced food.

When planning the menus, we consider the variety, colour, taste and texture which is vital to the success of our dishes. We like all children to taste new meals even unfamiliar ones to encourage them to expand their food choices.

Within our menus we provide the necessary nutrients needed for them to grow healthily and keep energised throughout their time at school. The children are invited to give their ideas for school dinners through their school council representatives who then discuss the term’s menus with the Catering Manager. The school council is made aware of the balance of nutrients of their choices in designing a healthy menu. This makes the children feel a part of the planning and helps them develop an understanding of the importance of healthy meals.

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