Continuing Professional Development

As our mission statement ‘Growing Excellent Learning communities together’ implies The Black Pear Trust believes strongly in the importance of continuing professional development (CPD). It is an integral part of teacher education enabling teachers to keep their professional skills and knowledge up-to-date. We want our staff and those of other schools to be outward facing, to feel valued and have the skills that enable them to contribute and have an impact on the success of our local Schools.

With new knowledge in sciences and greater knowledge of the process of learning CPD enables teachers to keep up-to-date with relevant knowledge and practices, including the newest pedagogical approaches.

Teachers who work with the Black Pear Trust view CPD as an opportunity to develop professionally as well as to improve their classroom skills. One of the most effective and cost efficient ways to help teachers refresh their knowledge and pedagogical practice is to encourage exchange of information and ideas between the teachers in their own school.

The Black Pear Trust encourages this through their work with Worcester University supporting the Worcestershire Study Group. This group consists of 8 local headteachers who look at the impact of research in their leadership Anyone interested in joining this group should contact

Schools in the Black Pear Trust work collaboratively with Holy Redeemer Pershore, St Andrews School Hampton Evesham, Westlands First School Droitwich and others where applicable. By meeting colleagues from other schools, teachers remain in touch with different teaching styles as well as advances in their field of expertise. At the same time, sharing ideas, experience and good practice.

BPT holds CPD courses which are based on school research that has happened within schools in the trust so the content and ideas have been tried and trusted. These courses are used to share and initiate research within your own school. The Trust  commits to supporting post course  in the implementation of practice change providing a bespoke package.

Hollymount School is a partner with The Centre for Early Excellence.

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